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Category: Advanced - Menus

A simple, light-weight vertical menu containing multiple headings and links. Customize colors, borders and more.
A simple, light-weight horizontal menu in a bar containing multiple links as tabs. Customize colors, borders and more.
A simple, light-weight horizontal menu containing multiple headings and links. Set a glossy background with corner radius and shadows.
A funky, animated horizontal menu bar in a variety of designs and styles that changes randomly on each reload
Create a simple and decorative menu with tabs and a border on the bottom
Create a horizontal menu in the design of a ribbon bar that contains links as tabs
A modern vertical menu with round corner tabs and sleek animations. Customize background, colors and width.
An eye-catching horizontal menu with a blur transition effect when hovered.
An animated horizontal menu with a rolling effect like a sloT machine when hovered.
A responsive changing color menu that turns from vertical and horizontal depending on the screen. Customize width and colors.
A vertical menu in a column inspired by online RPG games that takes up the whole page.
A simple horizontal menu with an arrow transition effect when hovered.
A decorative horizontal menu bar that only uses two colors. Great with any design.
A horizontal menu bar with simple hover effects. Great for everyday use.
A nice horizontal menu bar with indented inner boxes shown around each links when hovered.
A menu bar with each link hanging from a horizontal line on the top.
A cute looking mini horizontal menu bar with curved corners and a bottom border.
Create a simple horizontal menu bar with a solid background and multiple dropdown columns hovered.
Create a slanted horizontal menu bar effect with dividers.