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About is a free online generator that can be used to create CSS and CSS3 codes easily and flexibly. Our website was created during the later part of 2013 with the aim to provide aspiring web designers with a resource that is welcoming and straightforward.

Meet Mimi

Meet Mimi! He is our trusty dusty nifty mascot that looks after 24/7. It is not an easy job for him but he is extremely dedicated because he gets paid in delicious metal bolts.

He is always up and running taking requests from users just like yourself creating CSS codes to make your life easier.

Rumour has it that he is secretly planning to one day take over the entire cyber space with his rusty thin hands, but too bad he is too occupied to ever make this dream possible. Maybe someday things will change?

About The Owner

The proud owner of Mimi and creator of is Jesse Neo. He is a cRaZY teenager from Sydney, Australia with a passion for web design and development. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or friend him on Facebook if you would like to stay in contact with him and/or to persuade him to not drop out high school.